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Dream: the joy of creating

Established in 2012 this annual curated action-research event is designed to identify, analyse and disseminate the practice of world-leading companies and artists working in the theatre for young audience’s sector. The project brings together professional artists from around the world, to unpack and explore processes and methodologies employed by key practitioners, in a unique residency model led by Jeremy Harrison and the Rose Bruford College TYA Centre in collaboration with a community setting.

‘an experience that nurtured the way we consider the stage and its relation to children… we treasure it as one of our greatest learning experiences’

Teatro Al Vacio, Mexico

‘the model of responding to artists’ needs and trying to make an environment which brings artists and schools and communities together as part of an R&D process is hugely useful’

Pete Higgin, Punchdrunk Enrichment

Since its inception it has seen Mark Storor creating immersive, site-specific installations in a leisure centre, Oily Cart working with staff and pupils in a special school, German company Helios taking over a Surestart Centre in a housing estate in Ashford, Mexican company Al Vacio making work for rural toddlers and their families in a remote village hall, Punchdrunk Enrichment engaging staff and pupils in a village primary school on the edge of the Romney Marsh, theatre for babies being investigated by Jo Belloli, Sarah Argent and Kevin Lewis, in a collaboration with local families around Morley College and Italian collective La Baraccaexploring dance-theatre for early years children at The Place, with a reception class from a school in London’s St Pancras.

‘I discovered through this work that as performers we can join the children in their ‘territory’.’

Chloe Stephens, Page One

Each event is documented leading to a developing understanding and identifying of key characteristics. This underpinning research has allowed the model to be developed and methodologies embedded in arts practice, education and training initiated, led and supported by Jeremy Harrison and the Centre, including Rose Bruford College’s MA Theatre for Young Audiences.

‘Everyone in that whole programme was just so, so generous. The whole community around … everyone connected to it. I was just blown away by the generosity.’

Margot Wood, Storywood theatre, South Africa

Dream: the joy of creating has been widely acknowledged to be ground-breaking and an exemplar of international co-operation (Cyrille Planson, Chair of ASSITEJ France at Le Petit et Grand, festival Nante, 2013).

‘they changed the practice of what teachers do in the classroom on an everyday basis’

Jane Macey, Headteacher, Hamstreet Primary Academy

Dream: the joy of creating Timeline 

2012: Mark Storor in residence at the Stour Leisure Centre, Ashford, Kent, - Access here︎︎︎

2013: Oily Cart founders Tim Webb, Claire De Loon & Max Reinhardt, in residence at Wyvern School, Ashford, Kent

2015: Punchdrunk Enrichment in residence at Hamstreet Primary Academy, Kent.

2016: Helios in residence at Suresteps Surestart Centre, Ashford, Kent*.

2017: Teatro Al Vacio in residence at Warehorne Village Hall, Kent*.

2018: Sarah Argent, Kevin Lewis at Morley College, London*

2019: Adrea Buzzetti of La Baracca in residence at The Place*

*curated in collaboration with Jo Belloli