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International Inclusive Arts Network (IIAN)

The International Inclusive Arts Network is an ASSITEJ supported international community of those interested in learning about, creating or programming inclusive work for young audiences. Their stated aims are to inspire artists to be more ambitious and become part of a network of inclusive arts practitioners, to promote inclusive practice and international connection and share good practice, by establishing a resource of companies around the world.

The TYA Centre is the UK Academic Partner of IIAN. Head of Centre Jeremy Harrison, supported by postgraduate students from Rose Bruford, has been working with the IIAN Board to create an international map of inclusivity. This research has resulted in the development of an ongoing resource, identifying and listing global companies working inclusively with children and young people. The project is an extension of the Champions Project, which has identified national champions of inclusive youth arts provision in coutries throughout the world.

IIAN Team:

Co-Founder, Daryl Beeton is a performer and director who has worked extensively within the Theatre, Disability and young people’s sector for over 20 years. He is a recognised cultural leader in youth arts perticipation as well as an advocate for Disabled artists.  Daryl Beeton Productions consolidates that body of work by providing a platform for artists, companies and people to collaborate and create professional productions, participatory projects and arts activities. We are a go-to company for work produced by disabled artists and theatre-makers.

Co-Founder, Vicki trained at The Central School of Speech and Drama then went to join the newly established Theatre-in-Education Company at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, as an actor/teacher. As artistic director of Polka theatre, London from 1988-2002 she directed, produced and commissioned new theatre writing for children. Her book with co-editor Paul Harman, “50 Best Place for Young Audiences”, is published by Aurora Metro press in 2016. With Daryl Beeton, she started IIAN which became a network of ASSITEJ in 2014.

Chair, Jon graduated in Music from the University of Edinburgh with a focus on inclusive practice. He is head of the PAWB (Participation) for Hijinx Theatre, focused on developing how the organisation collaborates with the pan Wales community and young people. He was Next Generation for the 2017 ASSITEJ World Conference: South Africa The Cradle of Creativity. In 2019, he became chair of the international inclusive arts network (IIAN). In November 2019, he was elected the international representative for ASSITEJ UK.

Champions Project Lead, Nishna is enthusiastic about all things TYA and wants to share the joy of theatre with children across age groups and backgrounds throughout the world.

IIAN World Map of Inclusion: